Sunday, August 06, 2006

By way of explanation

So having finally sorted out the basics - I'm a bit of a latecomer to blogging! I am ready to lay out a few ideas here - There are a few topics that seem to occupy my mind at the moment:
- being a grandmother when I still feel like a teenager,
- education - something that has taken most of my working life,
- my spiritual relationship with the world around me, seen and unseen,
- what love is or perhaps what it means to love and be loved,
- where creativity springs from
- what time is or perhaps what it means.....

You can see I like the BIG questions(!) and while I don't suppose I have any real answers, I love to explore the questions......
Most of this blog will be journeys and adventures into the potential of these questions and others that will no doubt arise.....

I am reading "Are Angels OK?" (see the sidebar for a link to a related site) at the moment, by Bill Manhire and Paul Callaghan - unlikely that most of you non-kiwis will have heard of them or of the book but it is the result of bringing 10 writers and poets together with 10 scientists and seeing what transpires......Some very interesting questions get explored! So I will be writing some about that later......

In the meantime, a perfectly normal thing for a grandmother to be doing - posting a photo of her only grandson, so that the whole world can share how cute he is! It always fascinates me to look deeply at a photo of such a young face and wonder at the adult lurking within.....who is he?

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