Monday, August 07, 2006

Baked Beans

What is it about Baked Beans.........??? Apparently 1.2 million cans are eaten in the UK every week (that's the baked beans in the cans I think not the cans themselves!!!) and the British are the most rapacious devourers of baked beans in the world (I read that somewhere but can't remember where!) And yet, if you mention them, people snigger! I have to admit that after seeing Blazing Saddles I couldn't face a plate of baked beans for some time and I even now I can't look at a tin without thinking of Mel Brooks! But they taste SO GOOD! Heinz have even spent good research money on developing the recipe for perfect Beanz on toast - truly! The BBC said so, so it must be true!

So what was I saying: Ah yes.....How come if you admit to liking sushi or wasabi people nod in agreement and delight in telling you of their latest discoveries but say baked beans instead and they just blank you! Or at least move out of the firing line, so to speak, pretty fast! Ah well I shall have to just remain a closet baked bean lover until the retro movement gets to food as well as clothes!.


heathenz said...

Clare - this is Mike R in blogging disguise. I have to say that I have a hankering for baked beans too, but in the US that is considered even more weird. They are much smaller consumers of such goods here.

catkins_in_nz said...

Hey Mike! Maybe we should start a baked beans appreciation society!