Sunday, December 17, 2006

My First Real Meeting in SL

Well - I have just come back from my first ever real meeting in Second Life - Quite an experience ! There were 12 of us there most of the time, although a couple cam e and went (Who was Felix by the way?! I never did find out!)

The first meeting of the EduIsland Management Group.

It was a little chaotic at first but Fleep got us all under some kind of control - we talked for 50 mins about a number of issues and got unanimous agreement on most of them. It was productive, hard work (keeping track of what everyone was saying!) and FUN. We identified some excellent chances for collaboration and networking and hope to get together every month or so for some workshops and seminars, as well as sorting out issues of common concern. A brilliant experience and thanks to everyone for making it all work!!

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